This space is used in several ways.

• Initially an exercise in creating and managing an exemplary, entirely independent and professional quality website based on free or cheap services, with a dynamic back-end Node server.

• Second, I gather, organize, and host various documents, files, and career portfolio materials, including Javascript/web coding projects, and external links.

• Third, the page design itself serves as a testbed for developing and evaluating simple, elegant solutions to Responsive Web Design.

RWD (fluid layout) is an important research and design effort to harmonize the experience of browsing the internet, across a broad and evolving spectrum of interactive devices, including smart phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, and even more advanced displays.

Beneath its skin, RWD should also address vendor compatibility issues, examining W3C web standards and their evolution, while emphasizing lightweight and robust software patterns.

This is the new printing press.

From the earliest days of 'the web', back when the Mosaic file browser was a student project at NCSA, I've had the opportunity to watch the growth and evolution of an incredible standardized system of global visual communication, sharing, and interaction, in great detail.

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Further mobile web development interests: embedded OpenGL graphics, WebGL, GLSL shaders; Node.js server side scripting; WebAssembly for scientific and high performance computing within and through the mobile browser; WebGPU; online VR/AR;

Institute for Creative Technologies USC, 2001 - 2013, visualization software scientist, with Dr. S Marsella, Dr. A Shapiro.

Information Sciences Institute USC, 1997 - 2013, Systems Programmer (iv), visualization scientist, with Dr. C Kesselman, Dr. J Rickel.

Electronic Visualization Laboratory UIC, 1993 - 1997, Graduate Research Assistant, with Prof. Donna Cox at NCSA.

MS, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, "Virtual Director"; U. Illinois at Chicago, 1997

MFA, Electronic Visualization, "Tour d'CAVE"; U. Illinois at Chicago, 1997

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Cosmos in a CAVE™

BA, Liberal Arts: Art History, Studio, Computer Science; Oberlin College, 1992